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Our kayak hire details will be available soon


Some preliminary details is available below;


Kayak Hire:

- we can hire kayaks anywhere in Misamis Oriental subject to safety issues, weather, and accessibility. 

- for now kayak hire is for beach resorts only wherein our staff can monitor our equipment.
- lost or stolen Helmet will cost the client Php x,000.00
- lost or stolen PFD will cost the client Php x,000.00
- lost or stolen Paddle will cost the client Php x,000.00
- lost or stolen Kayak, the client must pay the cost the kayak (depending on the model and brand)
- Adventure Level: Leisure
- From: 9:00AM
- To: 3:00PM
- Distance:
- minimum age, 12 years old
- must be physically fit
- must be a strong swimmer
- kayak capacity is 100 or 120kg only (depending on the model), both person and gears.
- if the client is found to be abusing our equipment e.g. more than one person is riding a single passenger kayak, then we have the right to confiscate our equipment and no refund.
- start time: 9:00AM
- Cost Php: x,000 per kayak from 9:00AM to 3:00PM
- We deliver at 9:00AM and pick up the kayak at 3:00PM (for beach hire).
- Deposit: Php x,000.00 per kayak refundable after returning the kayak at 3:00PM (for non-beach hire)
- Penalty applies: Php x00 per hour per kayak if not returned at 3:00PM (for non-beach hire)
- damage kayak due to abuse or dropping it from the vehicle, must be replaced with the same brand and model
- minimum of 5 kayaks per hire
- plus transport cost from our head office at Puntod, Cagayan de Oro to anywhere in Misamis Oriental



Our Transport, Boats, and Gears:


KD Boats Hire


Sportage Hire


The above photo shows our high quality transport, boats, and gears for our training, river run, tuition, and for hire.


The number 6 is our Hyundai STAREX Diesel transport. Technically it's a 9-seater but it can accommodate in comfort up to 11 passengers including the driver. Fully air-conditioned, seat-belts, window tint, and in good condition.


Boat number 1 is a Perception PHAT creekboat. Made in New Zealand. We have 3 units of PHAT for hire. Big volume, excellent rocker, perfect for punching holes and boofing.


Boat number 2 is a Dagger RX playboat. Made in USA. We currently have only one RX for hire but we can add more when the market demands. Excellent manueverability and control. Perfect for hole playboating.


Boat number 3 is a Dagger GT/GTX river runner. Made in Australia. We currently have only one GT/GTX for hire but we can add more when the market demands. Fast and good control. Perfect for instructors or those who wants to have a combination of play and river running. Perfect for "old-school" kayaking tricks.


Boat number 4 is a Slalom Whitewater boat. Made in China. We have 4 units of Slalom whitewater boat for hire. Very fast and easy to handle. Perfect for beginners. This is the type of boat design for Olympic whitewater slalom and racing.


Boat number 5 is a Perception FLOW and KD ROVER oem sit-on-top. We have 5 units of this sit-on-top whitewater boat for hire. Perfect for a claustrophobic person who just want to have a go on whitewater kayaking. We've installed a "thigh-strap" for added control in running Class 3 rapids. The thigh-strap can also aid in rolling a sit-on-top. Excellent rocker thus can turn easily. Fast and very forgiving in running rapids. We can add more of these SOT when needed.


Number 7 is our KIA Sportage 4WD transport which can comfortably carry up to 5 people (6 people if using Philippine sizes) including the driver. Plus the roofrack can carry up to 5 whitewater kayaks and paddles.


Number 8 is our Trailer which can carry longer Sea/Touring kayaks and other gears. Additional removable cage can be installed to fully secure the load.


Number 9 is our rRx River Runner almost similar in design to Dagger GT/GTX. Made in China. Only one at the moment but this boat is very stable like the GT/GTX. It handles and respond like GT/GTX.


Number 10 is our SQUIRE Tandem SOT kayak. This is similar in design to the Perception brand. We have 2 units of this kayak and we also use this for our kayak catamaran, either Motor or Sail version.


Number 11 is our Riot ASTRO 54 playboat. Ideal for small people or for kids. We only have 1 unit of this for hire.


We have a variety of Helmets but mostly Perception brand. Sizes from small to XL.


We have a variety of Personal Floatation Device (PFD)'s but mostly Perception brand. Sizes from small to XL.


We have a variety of Spray-decks or skirts but mostly Kayak Domain brand. Sizes from small to XL.


We have a variety of Kayak Paddles but mostly Perception brand. Lenght from 192cm to 216cm. All right-handed paddles. Mostly feathered at about 30 to 35 degrees and couple of zero degrees for playboat.


All kayak instructors and guides carry at least a 15-meters throw rope/bag. You can even carry one if you request it.


We also carry First-Aid Kit for emergency.


Other accessories like water-proof Video Camera, divers knife, sometimes GPS, mobile phone in a water-proof bag, carabineers, spare break-down paddle , 30-meter recovery rope, dry bags are also on the gears list.


We will be adding more boats and gears in the future.


If you are looking for a particular model then please see our Shop @ KD page on this website. We have KayakDomain ROVER, KayakDomain SQUIRE, Q-Kayak PENGUIN, Perception 3D, Wavesport TRANSFORMER, Wavesport EZ, Wavesport ACE, Dagger GT/GTX, Dagger RX, Dagger RPM, Dagger MAMBA and Dagger NOMAD. We maybe able to order other brand and models as well. Just give us a yell to find out.


We also for hire our SquireCat and RoverCat kayak catamarans. This is perfect for family outing, fishing, snorkel, scuba, and any other sea and beach activities. For safety and related issues, we operate the catamarans ourselves. The SquireCat can carry a maximum of 3 customers plus limited gears only. Contact us for details.

Catamaran Hire

See sample video of SquireCat:Motor in action below;



See sample video of SquireCat:Sail in action below;

Be safe and have fun in the water.

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