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What to expect . . .


Obviously, you are going to be wet. But you'll love it...

Gain self-confidence where no money can buy.


Whitewater kayaking is more fun because you don't have to share the boat with others like rafting. And if the weather is hot just do an Eskimo/Kayak roll and the heat is gone.


You have the chance to test yourself and experience the real adrenaline rush.


Experience the serenity of the flatwater and the power of the whitewater.


Safety is our priority. We use good kayaks and kayaking safety gears including helmet and Personal Flotation Device (PFD).


See what Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental rivers and shoreline has to offer.


During rainy season the water could be brown due the run-off from the upper part of the river system.


This is the only known whitewater kayaking river in the Philippines that is so close to the city. In fact, Cagayan river passes through the center of the city. You don't have to stay overnight in the forest (while mosquitoes are having a feast on you) or travel 4-8 hours by bus or jeepney like other whitewater kayaking destinations in the Philippines. Just hop on to the transport vehicle in the morning and you get back in your hotel before dark or even earlier. How convenient is that! Even better, you do it again the next day, and the next day, and the next!!! You'll never get enough of having fun with whitewater kayaking. It's only limited to your fitness level.


However, to the more adventurous or professional kayaker, there are many creeks that joins the Cagayan river. And that's where the fun begins. There are still many creeks in Misamis Oriental and Mindanao that we have not explored using creek boats. But we'll do that pretty soon. Other rivers like Tagoloan river and others in Mindanao are also an option. So overnight or expedition type of creek boating or whitewater kayaking is also available. You have to bring your own camping gears though, like tent, sleeping bag, and the like. But you have to consider also that our boats has only a 100kg capacity (both kayaker and gears).


We don't serve food to our clients because each individual has a unique dietary requirement. We don't want any alergic reaction due to food we served. Or even worst, food poisoning thus ruining your vacation or holiday. It is better to bring your own, e.g. snack chocolate bar, fruit and nut bar, or puto or bibingka or soman or similar. Please remember that you take back your rubbish with you and disposed it properly. We can afford not to serve food, because whitewater kayaking runs are very close to the city. ShoeMart (SM) mall is less than 10 minutes from Taguanao/Huluga put-in/take out point. The city center, like Divisoria, where you'll find many restaurants and coffee shops is just a short walk from the old Carmen bridge. The put-in/take out point at Kabula has a restaurant and amenities like shower and toilets. Serving food to our kayaking clients is not needed because we want them to have as many options as possible from nearby restaurants and food outlets.


Sometimes it requires portage (i.e. carrying your kayak) when needed. But kayaks are not that heavy though, it ranges from 15 kg to 21 kg, depending on the model.


Only at Mambuaya put-in and at Kabula put-in/take-out points that has toilets. So you'll have to do that personal thing prior to leaving your hotel/home. In addition, SM mall is only less than 10 minutes from Taguanao/Huluga put-in/take out points. So we can just drive you there after the take out.

 What to bring/wear on these kayak trips/courses
  • Signed 'Acceptance of Risk Agreement'. Download form here -> Letter | A4 size
  • Quick-dry clothing, e.g. Rash vest/polyester long sleeve shirt, surfboard shorts would be good.
  • Drinking water is a must. Bottled is good. 1L hydration bladder is ideal.
  • Food like chocolate or fruit bars just enough for the trip.
  • Shoe are required (watersport shoes/sandal is ideal). Barefoot or tsinelas/tong is not allowed.
  • Hat (optional). must be small and thin to fit in the safety helmet.
  • Waterproof lotion/sunblock (optional)
  • Camera (optional). Waterproofing your camera is your responsibility.
  • Mobile phone (optional). We sell waterproof pouch/bag for your mobile phone at our shop.
  • Small amount of cash just in case you need to buy something after take out.



What NOT to bring/wear on these kayak trips/courses

  • Passport, i.e. leave your passport and important documents at your hotel
  • Too much cash
  • Big backpack of things. N.B. kayak capacity is only 100kg & backpack won't fit on the kayak
  • Cotton shirt. Because cotton is soggy when wet.
  • bikini, because rocks and other debris can scratch, bruise, or cut your skin


Climate and Season(source PAGASA)

Using temperature and rainfall as bases, the climate of the country can be divided into two major seasons;

  • the rainy season, from June to November
  • the dry season, from December to May

The dry season may be subdivided further into

  • the cool dry season, from December to February
  • the hot dry season, from March to May


During the rainy season the water level on all river runs are higher, thus the rapids are more difficult. While during the dry season, the water level are lower, but clearer and easier to navigate. For a detailed and up to date information about the Philippine weather, go to PAGASA.

Or for Satellite Photo go to

Weather Satellite Photo



Latest Significant Wave Height with Wave Direction courtesy of

Ocean Wwave Height



If you want to kayak alone, then always check the EVENTS Calendar in our website. We have an event called "FUN DAY!!!". Fun Day could either be a discounted or non-discounted trip. Even if we only have one client, on Fun Day we always go for the trip, subject of course to weather, safety, and other factors. Only non-discounted FunDay has free T-Shirt. 


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