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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I buy kayak from KayakDomain?

A. Yes. But we suggest that you try and test a kayak first before buying. Because kayaks and gears are expensive and you cannot return those. If you already know a particular model of Riot, Dagger, Wavesport or Perception brand then we maybe able to get that for you. Click here to see our kayak range.


Q. Do you have warranty on the products you sell?

A. Warranty claims for high ticket items such as Kayak, PFD, Helmet, and Paddle should be directed to the manufacturer/brand. We always advice you to check the goods before paying for it.


 Q. Do you deliver kayak at our location?

A. We deliver free within Cagayan de Oro area. We can help organize your shipment/courier at your own cost. Aboitiz 2GO is the cheapest option we can find so far for shipping to any address in the Philippines.


Q. Why do I have to do the Beginners course/lesson?

A. For safety reason, we require all beginners to do the Beginners Course/lesson first. That is for your own safety. Whitewater kayaking looks easy, but when you try it then you'll realized that you need to do a course/lesson.


Q. I've been whitewater kayaking for years, do I have to do the Beginners course/lesson?

A. No need to do a course/lesson. Just book with us to do the runs. We might also learn a few tricks and pointers from you.


Q. Do you provide certificate after a Beginners Course?

A. No. Our one day beginners course/lesson only covers the basics just enough to get you started with whitewater kayaking fun.


Q. PFD is provided, why do you require that client should know how to swim?

A. Swimming in moving whitewater is hard and dangerous. Sometimes PFD is not enough for a self-rescue. You must know how to swim. It's totally different from swimming in a hotel pool. Secondly, the PFD can slip-out or malfunction or break after you tip over and spin around inside a hole or rapids which in effect your PFD will be gone. Thus, your only hope is to swim for your life.


Q. Does the whitewater courses/lesson and runs already includes Insurance?

A. No. Our whitewater kayaking courses/lesson and runs does not include Insurance. This is an extreme sport. You have to get that yourself if you want one.


Q. Does the fees already includes Food and Drinks?

A. No. Because each individual has his/her own dietary requirements. We don't want alergic reaction from the food and drinks we served. Or even worst food poisoning to our clients thus ruining your vacation or holiday. We leave the food handling and preparation to the food professionals or restauranteur. You have many options to buy food after the kayaking runs/course/lesson. Food outlets and restaurants is only a few minutes drive even to the CBD.


Q. Can we bring Food and (non-alcoholic) drinks then?

A. Yes, you can. But note that kayak capacity is only about 100kg for the person and gears. Backpacks won't fit on the kayaks. We suggest you bring chocolate or fruit or nut bars or puto or bibingka or similar. A bottled water, or even better a 1L hydration bladder. Because some of our PFDs has pockets for 1L hydration bladder. You can also buy a drybag from our shop. The drybag size is ideal and you can put that inside the kayak. If you are only doing a course/lesson (not a run) then you can bring your backpack/bag because you are only in one location.



Q. Where can we get food and drinks if we are really hungry?

A. At Kabula put-in/take-out there is a cafeteria/restaurant nearby. At Taguanao/Huluga put-in/take-out there is a cafeteria/resort across the bridge or go to ShoeMart (SM) mall which is less than 10 minutes drive. At old Carmen bridge take-out, Divisoria is only a short walk. At Marcos or Puntod bridge take-out, Lim Ket Kai mall, Gaisano, and Ororama are close by.


Q. Can I wear bikini?

A. We would suggest not, because rocks and other river hazards can scratch/bruise or even cut your skin. Wear longsleeve rashguard/rashvest instead. Do not wear cotton because it's soggy when wet.


Q. Can I bring my Camera or Mobile Phone?

A. Yes. But waterproofing your camera or mobile phone is your responsibility. We sell waterproof pouch for your mobile phone. Click here to see our waterproof accessories.


Q. Is my wallet/purse going to be wet?

A. Most likely it's going to be wet. We would suggest you get a drybag. We don't handle your wallet/purse ourselves because your personal things and money are in there. But if you are only doing a course, i.e. not a kayak run, then you don't have to worry about that because you are only in one location and you can leave it on the riverbank. It's not safe however to leave your wallet/purse anywhere. So see our drybags by clicking here.


Q. Are there any shade or cover from the heat of the Sun at the kayaking course location?

A. Yes, there are natural shade like trees and bridge in the kayaking course location. We also bring a small shade for that purpose. In addition, the river is always cold. Just have a dip or when you are kayaking, just do an Eskimo roll. Immediately, you are refresh. Sunblock lotion is highly recommended.


Q. Can I kayak if I'm drunk or under the influence of drugs?

A. NO. We will definitely kick you out and no refund. Extreme sports and alcohol/drugs don't mix.


Q. What about Toilets?

A. There is an "outback style" toilet at Mambuaya put-in. There is a "western style" toilet at Kabula put-in/take-out, but it's pay per use. No toilet at Taguanao put-in/take-out, but there is a cafeteria across the bridge and SM mall is only 10 minutes drive. At Ugyaban put-in there is no toilet. It's better to do that personal thing at your hotel/house before coming to the put-in.


Q. What about Footwear?

A. We don't allow barefoot or tsinelas/flipflop/tong. Use sports sandal or even better kayaking boots. I injured my big toe due to not wearing a footwear after overstretching it during a kayak roll practice on a flatwater. It took at least two weeks to fully heal, plus another week to be comfortable enough to get back to kayaking. I was only using an ordinary sandal. Rocks and other sharp hazards are also an issue if you are not wearing shoes.


Q. What are your boats and gears brand for hire?

A. Please click the "Hire" option on left-column menu.


Q. You didn't return our call/text, why?

A. Most likely the reason for that is your number is blocked for us to make a return call/text. Please make sure that your number is not blocked. There were many incidents like this in the past. It only shows on our phone that the source is UNKNOWN.



A. Please read the information on this website; Also use Google to search about the subject and record of outbreaks around the world. Anybody who works and play in fresh water in the Tropics are vulnerable all year round. Anybody who works and play in fresh water in the Sub-Tropics are vulnerable during summer time. We, fresh water paddlers are vulnerable to this bacteria anywhere in the world. If symptom shows that it's a Leptospirosis, antibiotic MUST BE administered IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT wait for blood test results because it takes days for that to return.

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