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Kayak Philippines you found the right website. Kayak Domain and Kayaking Philippines is Cagayan de Oro's (Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, PHILIPPINES) premier and the 1st (and the only hard-shell kayak) outfitter in Whitewater Kayak Tours, Sales, and Hire. We promote and encourage eco-tourism habits, i.e. take only pictures and leave only foot prints, which helps save the environment. Please take your rubbish with you and disposed it on your hotel's rubbish bin. We consider whitewater kayaking in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines very seriously. But not without fun ...


Whitewater kayaking in Cagayan de Oro river, Philippines is a totally different experience compared to whitewater rafting. The thrill and excitement is more intense than rafting because you are on your own. You can stay longer in a particular rapids or location as compared to a raft. You can even paddle upstream if the current is not strong enough. Making the most of it and having fun. It's a confidence building experience from put-in to take-out point. But we do it as safe as possible.


This is the most convenient and accessible whitewater kayaking and rafting runs in the Philippines. The Mambuaya put-in is only 30-40 minutes from the city center. You don't have to travel 4-8 hours just to get to the put-in like many rapids in the Philippines. And the take-out options are almost unlimited because the river goes through the city center. If you choose the old Carmen Bridge as your take-out then you can just walk to Divisoria and have coffee, tea, lunch or early dinner. Even better, if your fitness level is good, then you can do the whitewater rapids again the next day! No worries on your transportation. How convenient is that?


We provide kayaking tuition, orientation, and safety points before we allow any client to kayak any of our prefered whitewater kayaking runs.


Safety gears such as helmet, PFD, and sprayskirt/thighstrap are provided otherwise no one is allowed to do any kayak runs. We always limit our clients to kayakguide ratio of 3:1 to further the safety effectiveness. Kayakguides are required to carry at least a 15meter "throw-bag" as a river rescue rope/line.


You will see the almost unspoilt part of the river system which is the upper part. And you will also see the lower part of the river system in which non-rainwater drain is just being dumped onto the river. We are doing this to encouraged our clients to make comments and put pressure on the City Government to act and help preserve the Cagayan de Oro river by stopping the non-rainwater drain go into the river.


If you require any assistance on anything about whitewater kayaking, please don't hesitate to contact us. We also sell kayak, canoe and raft accessories.


Our sit-on-top and sit-in, hard shell/rotomold, top of the line kayaks will not disappoint you. We have Riot, Dagger, Wavesport, and Perception brand whitewater kayaks. has recognized Kayak Domain as one of its dealers. See here;


See Cagayan de Oro on Google Map and check out Cagayan River.


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